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Fading Aura: Welcome to the if then else tagboard! Please take a moment to make a post (or a sandwich). Wink
Limax: Tag! You're it!
Greywolf: Neat strip! Always looking forward to more, although sometimes it's easy to confuse Lyn and Scott...
Tawna: Yay! Sorry I haven't chatted to ya'll in ages ...School been rough but YAY YOU've got a tag board ...random messages!!!
thunderchicken: cool! my bro has a tag board! I can pester him whenever I want!!!! the last few commics where pretty darned funny! keep up the good work :-)
Limax: Random messages? Moi? Wink

This may be a way to keep the wombats in closer contact! Keep up the great work, Unit!

Wraith: *Makes a sandwich*
Limax: Well, shut my mouth and call me Shirley... the tag board doesn't work on NS 6. (Like that's a big surprise to anyone)

Oh, and I think the power's out because of sunspots.

faub: <-- Limax, could you email me with a screenshot or something describing the problem? I don't have NS6 to test with.
Fading Aura: Well, crud. I guess until faub finds out what's wrong, those with NS6 will have to wait it out. Of course, they could always switch to Firefox . . . Wink
Limax: Hmmf. I have Firefox on my laptop...are you suggesting that I read ITE on there from now on, from the comfort of my sofa???
Richardf8: Ok, now that is DEFINITELY worse than the time my co-worker to a call where a client's cat yakked on the laptop!
Limax: I agree... and I don't think I've ever seen 'ralphed' spelled out before...
Limax: Cool! I just now spotted where the date of the current comic was. (Seriously, I thought for weeks now that it didn't exist)
Fading Aura: That's the point, Limax. If I miss an update, who can tell? Grin
Limax: No comment. Tongue
Limax: Nate to the rescue! What a snake!
Limax: What's that on Toji's face? Why, I believe that it's egg!
Limax: Channel 5????? Man Aura... I'm disappointed.... Frown
Fading Aura: Well, it is the fifth day of the fifth month of the fifth year after 2000. I'll see what I can do with the number 6 next year. Wink
Limax: Ah yes... the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year... should be... um... interesting.
Limax: Hm. Skip's car is so... brown...
Fading Aura: I was shading for the mood - namely, Scott being freaked out. Instead of doing a top to bottom, light to dark gradient, I decided to experiment and shade from front to back. Guess I need to experiment some more . . .
Limax: Heh... it just leads new meaning to Scott's current state of being scared.. um. Well you know. Wink
Limax: I picked up some new 'Ramen' flavors at the store the last time I was there. (The 'Instant Lunch' Cup O' Noodles brand) It said that it had special mirowave instructions on it. They consisted of 'boil water in microwave in seperate container. Pour over noodles and enjoy' What a letdown!
Limax: Uh oh... Scott's got that expression again....
Limax: Now There's someone who likes her fruit!
Pikhq: Um... I think she likes peaches a bit *too* much...
Limax: Personally, I'm a leaner. (Oh, Aura? Whenever I tab from the 'name' field, it takes me to the 'Tagboard' instead of the URL/E-Mail field)
Wraith: Oh, I'm definately a racer. In and out as fast as I can go Grin And my signitures are definately abstract art...
Pikhq: Should see my signature...
It looks a bit like a congealed blob on a touchscreen...
Pikhq: Oooh... Rocket skates! Yay!
Wraith: w00t for rocker skates!
Limax: One of my friends at work actually has a lava lamp at his desk.
pikhq: Hmm... He /could/ modify it to be controlled by his computer...
Limax: You know... I just realized that Todd broke the fourth wall last Friday. We're included in the peanut gallery! (We don't know what Alex said to him)
Fading Aura: Todd was actually referring to Sarah, Scott and Skip (say that five times fast!); the latter two were off panel putting groceries away. But, if you want to get technical about it, everyone reading the comic counts too. Tongue

As to what was said, I'll leave that to be revealed in another storyline. Grin

Limax: I figured as much, Aura... but I had to point it out. :-P And you know how tongue-tied I get, so there's no way I can say that!
pikhq: About that Turing machine... Where will you get the storage medium of infinite size for it?
Limax: Uh oh... it looks like Aura's tapping on his own college experience now...
pikhq: Wow. Artificially intelligent lava lamps. Yay!
Limax: Ah, lava lamps... they are truly a gift from the gods...
Vorticus: Hey Aura, sent you the file you wanted, the subject line is "It's Keen"
Fading Aura: Thanks Vorticus! Once I get some free time, I'll dive into it. Grin
Limax: *ACHOO* Surprise
Pikhq: Wow. *gets lava lamp, attempts rewrite of Linux kernel in a day*
Pikhq: Hmm. . . Didn't know that he was a fan of Reasoned Cognition. . .
Limax: I'm beginning to think that the lava lamp should have come with an owner's manual...
Pikhq: I thought Q was banished from the Q Continuim?
No, I am not a trekkie. Really.
Limax: He was banished, but they restored him at the end of the episode.
Pikhq: So? Doesn't that imply that he is not truly omnipotent? :-p
Pikhq: So he puts it away. . .
Can I have it? ;-)
Limax: I could have used something like that when I was in school, but of course all we had was the ARPAnet, and it wasn't readily available....
Pikhq: I will eventually be able to say that I could use something like that. . . Curse you high school for wasting my precious time!
Limax: So... how many of those ice cream flavors actually contain nutmeg?
Pikhq: None, of course! Just because they're nuts about nutmeg doesn't mean they actually use nutmeg, silly Limax!
Limax: They don't? Well, I'm disappointed then..... Frown

Oh, and in today's strip, this reeks of the McDonald's lawsuit.

Limax: Ah yes... futher proof that all managers are idiots.
Pikhq: And therefore, we must reinstate the death sentence for managers!
Limax: All in favor... say aye!
Fading Aura: You guys do realize that I'm a manager where I work, right? And if I'm killed, there won't be any more comics (at least after the buffer runs out). Tongue
Pikhq: You? Management?
Fading Aura, accept a "de"motion before we vote. . . Please?
Limax: I knew he was a manager... I just like giving him a bad time. Smile
Pikhq: Well, back to that vote. . .
Pikhq: Ooh. . . RPG. . .
Limax: Real Purple Gophers?
Wraith: No, no. It's Rapidly Personifying Gradients, silly Tongue
Limax: Are you sure it's not Racoons Playing Go?
Pikhq: It's Rodents Punting Goldfish, silly!
Wraith: Or perhaps Radioactive Paintball Guns? Don't quite remember...
Limax: Yow... get hurt, stained and glowing all at once... Dizzy

How about Ruddy Personal Gurus?

Pikhq: Rolling Perky Gerbils?
Limax: Rabbits Purchasing Glasses?
Pikhq: Real Punk Gophers?
Smith: Rhododendrons Playing Golf?
Pikhq: Hrm. . . Maybe Role Playing Game?
Nah, that sounds to weird.
Radioactive Pink Gnomes?
Wraith: Role Playing Games? That's ridiculous. I meanm really.
Limax: EEEEAAGGGHH! I've been quoted!
Limax: Ooooo! A tally! I wonder if this is going to be like the one in Hot Shots Part Deux.
Wraith: Read shirt Death-o-meter? That's ridiculous. It clearly should be deathometer, that sounds much better ^_^
Pikhq: So, Aura, what kind of numbers should we expect from this?
Limax: Like she's going to tell.
Fading Aura: Tongue
Rich: Hey! That's just what Kirk would do!

Of course, since it's a TNG setting, he probably SHOULD have initiated diplomatic relations with it.

Pikhq: No, no. He should have accidently hurt it from his scientific mission, and then have it attack.
Limax: Where's the bloody battleaxe when you need it?
Limax: Also, if this is a TNG setting, why is it redshirts and not yellow shirts?
Wraith: http://ifthenelse.keenspace.com/d/20050705.html - Commander Talik is called Commander Limax... hmm...
Fading Aura: Sorry to rain on your theory, but Talik != Limax. I just wanted add Limax as a part of the crew. Wink
Limax: It appears that I may be in Scotty/Geordi's role.
Wraith: Hehe. Your pick-up line fails ^^ If only talking to girls would work like that for me in real life, then at least once in twenty rolls I'd get a natural 20. I'm rolling all ones, right now ^^
rich: Speaking of red-shirt deaths, the one red-shirt we never thought would die passed away yesterday. James Doohan.
Limax: I see that I was shown in the comic while I was out.
Jim North: I want to see more of that sexy GM!
Limax: I finally see today what Todd's shirt says. I dunno if I ever saw that as a shirt, but that's still a great old bit!
Limax: Dang... I was looking forward to this continuing a while longer just to watch the Red Shirt Death-O-Meter go up some more.
Fading Aura: Originally, the U.S.S. Bohr was going to be destroyed, adding a few hundred to the red shirt death score. I decided against it, though - destroying the Bohr would extend the story too long. After all, I need to get in one more story before September rolls around . . . Wink
Limax: Bah... that doesn't appear that far at all. The last time we went to Six Flags, we had to walk close to a mile and a half or so. (And me with a kid on my shoulders)
Fading Aura: For some reason, Keenspace didn't update last night. Frown Go here to see the latest comic (August 9th).
Limax: I wasn't around yesterday (for the strip on the 9th... and the 10th is still appearing at the moment) But, I "took one for the home team" when we were at Disneyland earlier this year. I was in the front of our boat on Splash Mountain, which means I got the brunt of the water, while the rest of my family remained relatively unscathed.
Limax: We may be going to Six Flags next weekend (woohoo!) We haven't decided yet.
Limax: Hm. The six flags near me has no ferris wheel... although they do have animal shows.
Limax: Whoa...
Limax: Okay... this deserves a second 'WHOA!' Dizzy
Limax: Time for a third WHOA! Surprise Does this mean I made a turkey? Wink
Pikhq: *eats the turkey*
Limax: Aw, man... I hope you at least saved me some stuffing.
Fading Aura: *give stuffing to Limax*
Limax: Thanks Aura... I think that's the first time I've had the stuffing beat into me! :-P
thunderchicken: You killed Todd!......You Bastard!!!
Fading Aura: Tongue
Limax: Aww... now who is Thunderchicken going to take to the prom?
Limax: You killed Alter-Toji!!! You bastard!!!
Limax: Or Jinei... man, I was always bad with names... Tongue
Limax: Let's see... this is Sara's brother, isn't it?
Fading Aura: Bea's brother, actually. Wink See here.
Limax: Oh yeah... that's right. I was *this* close. Grin
Limax: Love the hentai.... Tongue
Fading Aura: . . .
I think you mean "henna".
tawna: Hi Ya;ll Im back and caught up ...Dustin You nearly gave me a heartattcak ...getting Todd hurt! Lol IM me sometime
Tawna aka Weridchic82
Limax: Whatever, Aura... Tongue Like I'm supposed to keep up on these new-fangled ideas. Durn kids.... Wink
Fading Aura: It's just that hentai is . . . well, if you don't know what it is, it's probably for the best. Sick
Pikhq: (hint) You /probably/ don't want to know what hentai is, beyond that it's /not/ something that Dustin is going to put in (without being forced to at gunpoint), I think...
Limax: Well, Aura has known me long enough to know that I have a tendency to mince words on a regular basis.
Fading Aura: Oddly, you never mince words when they involve the number 6 or wombats. Tongue
Limax: At least there I know what I'm talking about. Wink
Limax: Excellent! A cool comic for Talk Like a Piarate day! (Oh wait... you said so in your news thingy. Whoops!)
Fading Aura: Fer that, ye be walkin' th' plank matey! Arrr . . .
thunderchicken: henti!!!! stuff your kids aren't supposed to see... but the japanese version!!!
thunderchicken: shoot! I spelled it wrong!!!
thunderchicken: oh, that's right, it's talk like a pirate day, arrrr, you , fading aura walk d' plank you yellow bellied land lover!!!!
Limax: Um... Thunderchicken? That's Landlubber. Fer that ye be walkin' the plank as well. ARRRRRRR! p-) (Eyepatch)
Fading Aura: If I be walkin' the plank, there be no more comics! Arr . . .
Wraith: If you can't keep the pirate version up, can you put it up in the extras area?
Limax: Well, if there be no more comics, I'll need to pirate some then. ARRRRRRR!
Fading Aura: Good idea Wraith. I'll get that page up either tonight or sometime tomorrow. Grin
Limax: <taps his foot impatiently>
Limax: Well, someone's been slammed....
Limax: Um... I think you have an extra 'p' there. According to the last panel, she was hit with a closed fist like you'd do on a door.... or she was rhythmically 'sung' to.
Fading Aura: Drat. That's what I get for editing comics at 3 AM. Wink
Limax: Aha... so that's why I haven't seen you lately. Tongue
Limax: <starts tapping foot impatiently....>
Fading Aura: Hmph . . . Comic Genesis isn't updating for some reason. You can see the latest comic at the backup website here.
Fading Aura: And the main website updates! Yay! Grin
Limax: Darn my brane. I completely forgot about the backup site.
Limax: Hm. Comicgenesis is stil having trouble
Fading Aura: kicks ComicGenesis server
Limax: Interesting... and here it is midnight:30, and it actually updated.
Limax: OoOoOOooooo.... Lyn has a softer side....
Limax: Hm. So it's not comicgenesis having trouble today.... Tongue
Limax: Waiting for the rest of the story..... Maybe they should have called it 'ComicExodus'
Limax: Doggone it... I forgot again.... Yesterday was Wednesday.... grumble...
Limax: I love talking to myself.
thunderchicken: I love it when you talk to yourself too!
Limax: Yeah, Thunderchicken... I knew you liked that about me. Tongue I'm going to perpetuate myself!
Limax: Also: Mmph!
Limax: Oh yeah... Skip and Scott... the Abbot and Costello of ITE... although they seem to get along better than Abbot & Costello ever did...
Limax: Wow... Alex is certainly stressed out. Also, I'll bet he's going to talk about Todd with her.
Wraith: Todd, and possible also about time traveling
Limax: Well... yeah... Dimension travelling.. and Todd got a breif mention. Oooo. I'll be they're going to go see Scott Harbor the rebel.
thunderchicken: I wonder what it's like to think with a bowl of spaghetti?
Wraith: Well, I've never had the spaghetti *in* my head, but I've worn it like a hat on occassion, its fun ^^
Smith: Thinking with a bowl of spaghetti? Probably a bit wet and squishy.
Limax: I had a coffee drink with nutmeg the other day. The eggnog frap has it sprinkled on top of the whipped cream. Yum! (Also, where are the meatballs?)
Limax: Hey! That's a quote from Lost in Space! Not Star Trek!!!
Fading Aura: I'm expanding the scifi references in the comic. Wink
Limax: Yeah, so I see. Tongue I don't recognize the lyrics, although I do see a ref to the 'author' at the bottom of the comic.
bernardRoy: glad to know someone else listens to moody blues...
Limax: Aha. I haven't listened to enough of them to recognize them... also, I see a shadow there... I wonder if Todd's going to try to sneak through.
thunderchicken: Man, scott's going to be pissed now!
Limax: Looks like Todd was planning to do that anyway, with the sword in his backpack and all....
Limax: Woohoo! Todd is SO dead!
Fading Aura: You're glad Todd's in trouble? Surprise
Limax: That was sarcasm. Scott really doesn't have a leg to stand on.
Limax: Also, woo! New logo!
Fading Aura: It should look familiar . . . Wink
Limax: I suppose... but I never watched that series.
Limax: Something tells me none of them are going home. Also very interesting that Scott blames Todd for all his troubles. I think both of them have problems dealing with their own issues and look for scapegoats.
Limax: Scott, Scott, Scott... when will you ever learn?
Fading Aura: That's a rhetorical question, right? Tongue
Limax: Depends.... Wink
Limax: Oh boy... Alex really went out on a limb there. Hopefully this Sarah can be trusted...
Limax: Interesting... Scott's more of a loose cannon in this dimension.
Limax: Hm. I wonder how Skip and Todd will be able to help. Scott's help is obvious.
Limax: I dunno whether to laugh or cry... gone for two weeks and no one's bothered to post anything on the tagboard.
thunderchicken: okay, I posted!!!
Limax: I still remember the Monty Python sketch based on that song. The fellow doing it (I think it was Terry Jones) pronounced 'tomato' and 'potato' the same way both times. Grin
Limax: Flabble gorgl drk umliggy fwiggle tweep
Limax: Jxl ykk qrtlo fuba klle pxl
Greywolf: flapdoodle kitkaboodle kitty kitty cow cow
Fading Aura: I knew I should have taken that gibberish course in college . . . Tongue
Limax: Funny.... that's what I thought all comp sci classes were. Tongue Also, I'd forgotten that Todd was captured. I blame AT&T.
Limax: Rebel base in range in 2 minutes...
Limax: Ah... nothing like a Four Non Blondes reference.... Tongue
Fading Aura: Even when I didn't even know I was making that reference. Surprise
Limax: Isn't that funny... for a minute there I thought that Enshi was talking about the wrong person... then I remembered that Skip would probably not come within a 10ft pole of Star Wars. (Ah, memories of seeing this in the theatre for the first time in its original state....)
Relayer: Ah, yes -- BEFORE it had the words "Episode IV/A NEW HOPE" at the top!

( !@*#$ing Elf Hell marketroids...)

Limax: Actually, it always had those words... it was just called 'Star Wars' in the theatres.
Relayer: I beg to differ, having seen it when it came out in 1977. That line was NOT there at the top until the first re-release to the theatres in 1979.
Limax: And here we say good-bye to the pierced Scott...
Limax: Dang. I now know how desensitized I am being married to a person who works at a hospital.
Limax: o/~ Another one bites the dust... and another one's gone and another one's gone... another one bites the dust... o/~
Limax: o/~ So long... it's been good to know ya... o/~
Fading Aura: Well, that's it! I hope everyone liked the comic!

(Just kidding!)

Limax: Ha ha. I didn't know that Cartoon Network was still showing Powerpuff Girls. Dexter's Lab is now on Boomerang, and my kids are discovering it for the first time, and I'm seeing shows I haven't seen in forever.
aReader: Aww, there's more? j/k Tongue
Yay, color!
Limax: The future appears very cloudy...
Fading Aura: I wish I could do the comic in color everyday, but boy does it eat up a lot of time! Something as simple as today's took about 4 hours to color (including making the clouded sky background from scratch).
Limax: Bah... you make a pun, and you get taken seriously.... :-/
Limax: Ah yes... they are in a jam...
Limax: Uh oh... cross-dimensional comic parody skipping... Whatever happened to just tiptoeing thorugh the tulips?
Jamey: I read that as, "tiptoeing through the tuples." I guess I can get away with that at this comic?
Limax: I suppose...
Limax: I miss Guinness... I can still imagine what it tastes like... Frown
Limax: Hm. Scott's not much of a drinker.
Limax: I'm on the backup website... for some reason, comicgenesis is timing out right now.
Limax: Ah, my Monday morning cliche... I feel much better now.
Limax: Where's the blood?!?
Fading Aura: Blood? What kind of comic do you think this is?
Limax: Um. Did I say that out loud? Surprise
Limax: Eeeeagh! It's the blue guy!!!!!
Limax: Hm... Is that the first time we've heard Max's.. er.. Xam's name?
Limax: And how come Scott can understand him?
Fading Aura: Todd also understood Xam right off the bat. I'd explain why, but that needs to remain a secret for now. Wink
Limax: Okay... I'd forgotten. It was everyone else that he couldn't understand. (Man, I miss doing translations...)
Limax: Hm. Xam is certainly an interesting character...
Limax: Man... now I'm going to have to go back and find what it was that Toji was watching.
Fading Aura: Toji was watching a Powerpuff Girls marathon. Wink
Limax: Oh dang... now I'm going to have to look for my cheat sheet.
Limax: Let's see... in Today's (19 Apr) strip, I know the first panel is Spanish, and from what I can tell, Todd said 'Hello, how are you? My big cat is yellow?' The second panel isn't True... and I don't recognize it. I thought maybe it was Greek, but some of the characters are wrong. (Nor is it Cyrillic) In the third panel that's Klingon, which I never bothered learning.
Limax: Well, I found my sheet that I made a couple of years ago to translate the True speech, and I found that this fellow is using a different dialect than the other people, so I'm unable to translate it. (Basically because I'm too lazy to make a new table)
Greywolf: 6.4.19: The second one is one of the Star Wars languages - not sure which one, but the font is Aurabesh.
Limax: Hm. He's an 'adventure' by trade? Where's his keyboard? Tongue (Also the tab order's messed up on the fields now, Aura... It tabs to the 'post' button before going to the message field)
Fading Aura: Tyop fxied. And I'll see what I can do about the tagboard tabbing, but it may be unfixable like last time due to the way the HTML table is set up. And props to Greywolf for getting the second language. It only seemed appropriate since Todd's a Star Wars geek. Wink
Limax: Hm. I've never known and short & green female jedi masters... Also, since this isn't Dimensia, it explains why the 'true' dialect was different. I'm glad that the two dialects are close enough together so that Todd can communicate with him.
Limax: Have we seen the tattoo on Mira's shoulder on someone else before? It looks familiar.
Limax: Man, I hate pushups. I can no longer really do them myself. To do fifty is a near impossibility for me.
Greywolf: Ook. I've decided that, after the comments regarding chores and the sword, I definitely do NOT like Mira.
Erzengel: Nrr. You mention "social life" in todays comic and yet you don't log on to engage in social life.
Fading Aura: Hmmm . . . maybe I should have rephrased that as "lack of social life" then.
Limax: Aura's around sometimes Erzengel... you actually see more of Aura than some of the rest of us do....
Erzengel: "Sometimes" apparently doesn't include any time in the past week or so.
Limax: Heh. I understand. I have friends that I haven't seen in longer than that. :-/ I know that people have lives outside a computer...
Erzengel: Wha? You lie! Wink Just because people have lives outside their computer doesn't mean they can't log on a few times a week for like 5 minutes.
Limax: One would think... but I really haven't been on the computer for the past five days, except to research automobiles.
Limax: Look out! It's the morning star!!!
Limax: Oh my goodness! It's his evil twin sister clone!!!!
Limax: I like pie.
Limax: I see that Gav is back.
Fading Aura: That's not Gav . . .
Limax: Um. Maynard? Wink Actually, I'll bet it's another "version" of Scott
Greywolf: I bet it's another version of Todd...
Limax: Well, it doesn't really matter. He's dead and we're not.
BlackLiger: Yep. Shot, with a laser.
Jamey: Toji uses pico? Or perhaps nano? I find this surprising.
Limax: Love the Unitzoid poster.
Limax: Hm. Scott's looking a bit ragged. He needs to eat his Wheaties.
Limax: Yay! I'm confused! And on a Friday no less! It appears that Scott is the key.
Limax: Looks like I have some reading of the archives to do. It appears that the 'original' (alpha?) Lyn is still on the run... so the Lyn that Alpha-Scott saw wasn't 'his' Lyn. Hm. This should prove interesting...
aReader: Wait... what? I'm discombobulated. Tongue
Limax: So far, I've counted at least three Lyns and four Scotts... at least so I think.
aReader: Why do the trees in the background remind me of Kashyyyk?
Limax: You mean where Todd is? That's what it reminds me of...
aReader: No, I mean where Lyn is. Village high up in the trees. Where Todd is... who knows?
Limax: Oh. That's a Star Wars ref,isn't it?
Greywolf: Psheh. reminds me more of the Ewok village than of the Wok-E one Smile (if you are a star wars fan -- or were until EP1 came out 8-P -- and you never caught on that Ewok is "Wookiee" corrupted and syllabically reversed, shame on you! And if you didn't figure out it was how Lucas weaseled out of giving us a planet of Wookiees back in RotJ, you deserved everything you got in EP1 and EP3!)
aReader: I was more of a Star Trek fan. I played the Star Wars games KoToR1+2 though. =p
Limax: I saw ep 1 and 2, never did see three nor do I have any plans to.
Pikhq: Limax, you are a good man. The 1-3 trilogy was, all in all, about as good as Barney (but with more violence).

It's been so many years, and I still want to kill that purple dinosaur. Tongue

Limax: That purple behemoth still graces our television every once in a while. And on to today's strip... what do you think that Aura's got up the sleeve?
Greywolf: Out of 1-3, 2 was actually halfway decent. If you focus, actually, on OBI-WAN instead of on ANAKIN through 1-3, it's palatable. My opinions only:
- Anakin was a weak character.
- Hayden Christensen looks bad because of Lucas' directing.
- Lucas is Mephistopheles incarnate.
- Obi-Wan as a character pretty much steals the show.
Limax: At least you didn't say that R2-D2 stole the show.
Limax: I was thinking about my favorite part of any of the three 'newer' movies, and I'd have to say that it was the car chase in the second one. Sad, really...
aReader: I like the jumping fighing Yoda. Go figure. =P
aReader: argh, typo
Limax: Todd's hair is longer. Only took me two strips to notice that. :-/
Limax: And that other fellow is bald.
Limax: Hm. I see that Cas has pointed ears. Does Mira have them as well, or are we talking 'humans' vs 'elves' here?
aReader: I thought Mira was blushing until I remembered that she was drinking. XD
Limax: I thought maybe those were scratches from the brawl... but you're probably right.
Stephen: Hey! Found your webcomic! FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN! Work is boring today. Toodles.
Limax: Awwww... how cute! The critter went 'poing' Grin
Limax: Todd's starting with Scott again... he's a bit obsessed. Smile
aReader: I found it cuter when it shrugged and said "squeck" =p
Limax: Yeah. The first was more of a ref to Kiki.
Limax: Whoa...now there's a blast from the past. I'm wondering if Scott can do the same thing when the "real" Lyn shows up.
Limax: Bah Aura... you didn't let us see what the note said... which means I couldn't translate it! Bah, I say again! Tongue
Fading Aura: What, you actually want me to put effort into creating the comic? Pshaw!
Limax: Unitzoid would have. Wink
Limax: Hm. Todd's going to have trouble reading the compass since he had trouble reading Mir's note to him. This could lead to all sorts of wacky adventures.
Limax: Oh well. So much for wacky adventures. Tongue
Limax: Oooo! A PUN!
Limax: I need to start making a chart of who's connected to who. Tongue What are the odds that the final chart will look like a wombat?
Fading Aura: There are 13 acts in all - this storyline is loosely based on an album by the Moody Blues (wiki article here). It was originally intended to last a full year (it started on October 31st) but it looks like it might go well into December.

As far as the other characters are concerned . . . well, you'll just have to keep reading to see when (or if) they show up. Wink
Limax: I'm trying to remember when Aura started this. I know it was going to be a year-long arc... I'm thinking there'll probably be one more after this... but I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong.
aReader: A new act! So... how many acts are there? I miss the other characters. Tongue
Erzengel: About 80%. The remaining 20% say that it will be shaped like a 6.
Limax: I never claimed there were 6's in ITE. Also, woo! Scooby Doo ref!
Erzengel: That's why it's only 20% instead of 40%. Tongue
Limax: Man, there's an epidemic of missed/late comics today. Weird.
Pikhq: Well, yeah. . . He's had a lot of stuff going on. Quite a bit less then Jeff, but still, I can't blame him.

Besides, it's only off by a few hours. We'll live, right?

Limax: It wasn't a complaint. Just an observation.
aReader: Well, better than going from 7 days to 3 days a week. =p Yeah, work, I know, but that's torture after being used to it for so long.
Limax: Hee hee... I LOVE Todd's expression! Grin
Limax : Mira has a real anger problem... Tongue
Limax: That's it. Let your faith tell you what should and should not exist...
Limax: Todd - The Manboy caught between two worlds.
Limax: Aura - What's the poster on the wall? It looks familiar, but I can't place it.
Fading Aura: It's a computer wallpaper from The Tao of Geek, which is coincidentally running a guest comic I drew today. Wink
Limax: I love irrationality...
Limax: Geeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz.... I have not realized that the only time I read the boot record is when there's suddenly no comic there and I'm wondering why...
Limax: I laugh mightily at today's strip. Thanks, Aura!
Limax: Watch out for 9/11.... thanks Aura for bringing us entertaining comics! I'll be here bright and early then! Um. Well, maybe just early!
Limax: Hm. I have a feeling that this is going to end badly.
aReader: Yeah, it doesn't look good for the good guys right about now.
Limax: Wow... this Lynn is really unusual. Makes me wonder if she's a construct and the runaway Lynn is also.
Lynn: And suddenly today (19 Sept), she talks like a pirate in the true speech... who knew?
Mouse: W00t!!! Talk like a pirate day! GREAT way to celebrate!
Limax: Egad. I signed yesterday as 'Lynn' Someone subliminal must have happened.
Limax: Aw man... I went back and looked in the archives, and now Lynn is talking normally. Bleah. Tongue
Fading Aura: Limax, you can always view the pirate version on the extras page. Wink
Limax: So... Todd meets his evil twin for the first time. (At least that's who I've been thinking of this dark person as forever)
Limax: Oh my... it's Unitzoid!
Pikhq: He's a follower of the Evil Cartoonist, Limax. . . It only *could* be Unitzoid. Tongue
Limax: Hee hee... and there's Fading Aura too. Hm. I think I've seen this somewhere before...
Limax: Hm. I wonder if more characters from that postponed comic will show up... Sick
Limax: Woo! It's Chamois Man! Man... this brings back memories...
Limax: I knew it. I figured that HE would show up.... Tongue
Fading Aura: Hey everyone - the comic will be late today and should be up before 3 PM CST. Sorry for the wait, but it was a long weekend. Wink
Fading Aura: The perspective on this comic took longer than I thought to work out. The comic should be up by 4 or 5 PM. Tongue
Limax: No problem... I got a two-fer today! Woo!
Fading Aura: Yet another comic delay - I was coloring it until 3 AM. I'm shooting to have the comic completed by 12 PM, but it'll probably be more like 2 PM at the latest (all times CST). Stupid lack of buffer. Tongue
Fading Aura: And the comic is up before 12 PM! Huzzah!
Limax: It's that green skin. It takes forever to get the color right. Wink No probs here Aura. I'm enjoying the current chapter immensely!
Limax: I sense an altercation...
Vovan: I'm a spammer and Aura deleted my message!
aReader: Spam... ugh...
Anyway, looks like the next comic will be rather interesting.
Limax: I'm wondering if we're going to see Chamois Cloth Man in action.
Pikhq: Another late comic today?
Fading Aura: No, there's a comic today. Apparently I'm still in the update queue at Comic Genesis. Frown Go to the backup website to view the comic.
Limax: Dang... Unitzoid still got it. This is going to do wonders for his disposition.
Pikhq: Took CG long enough. :/
Melideux: Super...Visor. I love it! Smile
aReader: Hee. I noticed that too.
Limax: I'm slow.
Limax: Hmm... that kinda looks like Shade Tail from EGS, but I doubt it...
Limax: Aura... you can read my mind... you know what I'm going to request...
stjen: so, what's velociraptor doing in that universe?
Limax: It doesn't. I'm guessing that it's something based on Scott's technology.
Fading Aura: Today's comic will be up around 1 PM CST. It's taking longer than I thought to put together. Frown
Fading Aura: Well, it's 1 PM and the inks are done. I'll need another hour or two to color and edit it. Sorry again about the delays.
Fading Aura: And it's up! Huzzah!
Limax: So, are we going to see Flashdancer's powers?
Fading Aura: I'd say it's a distinct possibility . . . Wink

As a side note, Flashdance is based on another cartoonist I know in town. Her preparation saved myself and other cartoonists during the 24 hour comic event last month.

Pikhq: *notes that it's me again!
aReader: There's something going on here that I don't know about...
Limax: I'm thoroughly enjoying this chapter.
thunderchicken: how did you get that sign to hang on the glass door??!?
Fading Aura: Magic. And Gremlins.

Magic gremlins. Tongue

Limax: I'm trying to figure out what the sign is...
Limax: Hm. I don't recognized what Unitzoid handed Scott. I'm sure we'll see what it is tomorrow.... Wink
Fading Aura: Today's comic will be delayed, but it should be up before noon CST. Stay tuned . . .
aReader: It looked like a plank in the 3rd frame. Maybe it's a plankgun (as opposed to a shotgun). Tongue
Fading Aura: More delays. I'm not sure when this comic will be finished, but it will definitely be before the day ends.
Trevotillo: No...I think it's far too big to be a Planck gun. Smile On a slightly more serious note, I just stumbled into this site on a frustratingly minor reference on Nukees. I can tell that I'm in the right place, but I can also tell that the link needs to be displayed far more prominently.
Ti-Phil: Well look at that, because Vort gave me the link for your appearance in Pete's vacation I've read throught your archives in 4 days!
Fading Aura: The next comic was uploaded with 2 minutes left in the day. So technically the deadline wasn't missed, but the autoupdate makes it look that way. Tongue
Thanks for the positive comments, Trevotillo and Ti-Phil. Hope you stick around to see where everything's going. Grin
Limax: I didn't see it until Saturday... manily because I didn't get online at all on Friday.
Trevotillo: Well then, just for that added Ego boost: IFT, Nukees, and Sluggy are the only ones on my daily rounds, so I think I'm just under the comic-junkie limit. Grin
HiFranc: I came across the comic yesterday (got bored and read Darren's (of Nukees fame) news items, found the comic and read the entire archives last night. {whiny child voice} Do I have to wait till tomorrow to see the next episode?
Fading Aura: Sorry about the lack of color in today's comic - time ran short. I'll add it after I get off work, definitely before 6 PM CST.
Risky: I apparently missed the monochrome.
Limax: I didn't... but I shrugged and moved on.
Pikhq: set ::real-life::pikhq::mood ">:D";set ::if-then-else::pikhq::mood $::real-life::pikhq::mood
Pikhq: Seems that the Tagboard dislikes code. :/
Fading Aura: Your code has been fixed. Wink
Trevotillo: See, it's times like this I wish I actually WERE a CS, rather than just hanging out with them. O.o
Trevotillo: Begone, foul spam! (Pst--Aura...your magic, if you'd be so kind?)
Trevotillo: Oh man...I was going to lodge a retaliatory complaint against the advertising joint listed, and wonder of all wonders, 404: Ad Useless. Too bad too, I coulda looked nice in a kilt, ya think?
Fading Aura: Cripes that was a lot of spam! I may need to find a way to prevent this from happening again . . .
Limax: Spam is great for breakfast. Just don't read what's in it.
Pikhq: Needs some pepper. (Work your magic before I sic some BF code on the spammer, in the name of utter confusion)
Trev: If Unit can handle water like that, he ought to be able to tweak the surface tension and fashion that splash into a passable bludgeon...or at least a hermetically sealed bubble. >Grin
HiFranc: I was thinking -- can he manipulate the water temperature? If he can, then he can freeze it and make an instant immobiliser...
Pikhq: I think he's just having fun. Wink
Pikhq: I'm afraid that you're a precognitive. Wink
Trev: I love the look on scott's face! Unit's slowly hobbling away, and he's still staring. Smile
Trev: ...for that matter, Unit's ever-bored expression is golden, too.
Limax: Alter-Lynn's also a little bit surprised. Nothing like being a bit cocky...
Limax: Mmmmmm.... 3D glasses...
HiFranc: Let's get this straight? They're in a dimension inhabited by superheros and Lynn is threatening them?!?
Trev: Hey, cut her some slack! It seems to me that Lynn is a supervilloheroine in her own right. Cybernetic implants, in one at least... But whatever--Yay for paradox!
zaccrockett: hey, I really like this website. One heckuva webcomic. When I get my webcomic started, can I link to this one?
Fading Aura: Sure thing! There should be link buttons on the Extras page.
And if you'd like some advice on starting a webcomic, check the Comic Genesis forums. There are quite a few webcartoonists there with a lot of experience. Wink
zaccrockett: Thanks for the permission, and for the ComicGenesis link. As soon as I get "Opey" up and running (which should be 1 to 3 weeks hopefully), I'll link to yours. Keep up the good work.
Limax: Chamois Cloth Man looks uncomfortable. Also, Alter-Lynn doesn't seem too worried. I'm expecting a spanner to be thrown in her works shortly.
Limax: And now Flashdacner looks uncomfortable. Man...
aReader: Is she invincible? Even superheroes can't defeat her, lol.
Limax: We'll see... Alter-Lynn seems pretty indestructible but that might just be because they haven't figured out exactly what her weakness is yet.
trevotillo: ...and she's resorted to beating up robotic plot-extras...this one really IS vicious! (I'm sad that the poor thing didn't get one big "cool" before he went down, but he IS a robot, so here's hoping...)
Pikhq: She's vulnerable to my geekiness!
"AAAAH!!!! THE BF CODE!!!! TAKE IT AWAY!!!!" Tongue
Fading Aura: I'm sorry about this, but the comic's going to be late - 5 PM CST at the very latest. In the meantime, you can see the secret santa gifts I drew this year at SPQR Blues.
Limax: I will be patient... I will be patient... I will be patient... Oh, who am I kidding??????
Fading Aura: There was a delay on my ride home from work, so the comic'll be up at 5:30 PM. Tongue
HiFranc: Brings a whole new meaning to "fighting yourself". ;-) On a more serious point, which one is older? Am I right in thinking it's the one in red? If so, she would remember being attacked by herself.
Limax: I think that the one in blue, which is how the one in red looked originally, is some kind of clone or simulacrum (androidal, maybe?).
Limax: Augh! We've been slammed!
aReader: Ow... poor arm...
Limax: I have a feeling that Red Lynn won't be around much longer... and I'm still convinced that Blue Lynn is a cyborg.
HiFranc: At least we see how Lynn and Scott reconcile.
Fading Aura: My holiday went a little longer than planned, so today's comic should be up tonight around 8 or 9 PM CST.
Pikhq: Aaaaw. . . Hope you're at least enjoying yourself. Wink
Limax: I second that. Hope that you enjoyed your time off, Aura!
Limax: Ooooo! Sizzlin' babes!
Pikhq: I'll second that. Smile
HiFranc: They were both androids? Was there ever a real Lyn? If so, was she still alive?
Limax: Hee hee... I love the sign in the first panel.
aReader: So many universes. So many Lyns. I've been discombobulated.
Pikhq: Grrr. . .
fady@ite $ sudo rm -rf `locate spam`
GreatScott: I see we've been spammed again. Perhaps you should toss any post that includes things like <a anything> </a>
Fading Aura: I have a solution to fix this problem, but my computer is currently over 100 miles away. When I get home, I'll get started on it.
Limax: You need to work on lengthening your fingers, Aura. Tongue
Fading Aura: Task 1 of 3 complete: The tagboard will now ward off spam. Next task: Links page update.
Fading Aura: Task 2 of 3 complete: The links page is now up to date. I'll post a complete list of the new comics on Monday.

Next task: Color and post the last week of if then else.

Fading Aura: Task 3 of 3 is complete: The last week of comics is in color. Now to wait for Comic Genesis to reupload those pages . . .
Limax: Nothing like starting off on Monday with a good choke hold... Wink
GreatScott: fyi, there's a glitch with the 21 Dec 2006 archive page -- the strip is blank (white).
Fading Aura: Hmmm . . . the comic for the 21st is showing up on my end even after forcing a refresh. Is anyone else having this problem?
aReader: Nope
Thunderchicken: I guess Unitzoid is some kind if water nymph, huh? or has the power to control water?
Limax: Aura - It's showing up all right for me as well. And Thunderchicken? I think that Unitzoid's powers are similar to Iceman's in some ways. However it remains to be seen if he can manipulate anc create other liquids besides water.
GreatScott: OK, the 21st shows up now after a refresh (darn site proxies). false alarm.
Greywolf: Heh. Don't walk away too quickly, Unitzoid (or did you never see Terminator 2?)...
Limax: I don't think that hallway is too warm.
Limax: Hm. Mixed blessing. I think in some way this is what Unitzoid wanted.
GreatScott: Damn, that was fast -- you no sooner blocked the old attempt, and the spammers fingured out something new that worked. (First law of thermodynamics -- you can't win.)
Fading Aura: The spam filter has been updated. Anytime something slips through, it will be added to the ban list.
Fading Aura: Also, the comics for the rest of this week will probably start showing up between 2 and 2:30 PM CST. I no longer have internet at home due to the ice storms in Missouri and will be uploading comics at work at about that time.
Limax: Good luck in this weather! (I actually had to scrape freezing rain off my windshield the other day... that hasn't happened for a long time, although I scrape every day)
trevotillo: As far as the spam, it would cause minor limitations, but I doubt it woudl much be missed: How about auto-banning anything with "HTTP:\\" in the message itself?
Fading Aura: I thought of doing that, but it would limit us to not being able to share webaddresses. Although, if I set the filter to not delete an URL with a proper URL tag, it might work. I'll see what I can do.
Limax: Look! My feet!
Fading Aura: The HTTP filter is now active. Be sure to use the URL tags when you post links from now on.

And thanks to Trevotillo for the suggestion. This is a lot easier than adding each spam URL into the spam filer. Tongue

aReader: Hmm, never realized there were tags. ;o
Let's try GPF. Smile
Limax: Hmmmmmmmmm......
Fading Aura: Quick question: Is today's comic too dark? It looks fine on my monitor at home but appears to be too dark on the monitor at work.
thunderchicken: ooh! it's getting good!
rich: It's Mother-of-Pearl Man!
Fading Aura: Holy cripes on toast, it's Rich! Long time no see! Grin
aReader: By today do you mean "yesterday" or "the day before"? Tongue Can't tell the time here.
Fading Aura: Well, the "today" mentioned below refers to "yesterday" now and "two days ago" tomorrow. But that's not the point. Tongue If the comics look too dark in shade, let me know and I'll lighten them up.
Limax: It's fine to me... love the colouring on Anonymous Unknown. Again, I see shades of GPF here.... Wink
aReader: They look fine to me, actually. And colorful, too. Smile
Limax: Hmmm.. Bicky Chabust Ben?
Limax: Squishy!
Fading Aura: The comic will be up around 11 AM CST today. Sorry for the delay.
Fading Aura: The previous message refers to the comic from January 31st. Please disregard. Tongue
aReader: Time to add timestamps to this tagboard? Tongue
Limax: No! We need ambiguity! Ambiguity forever!!!!
Pikhq: Allow me to meet today's ambiguity quota:
~$ *
~$ *
~$ *
Limax: I've noticed a gradual shift from Todd as the central character to Scott as the central character...
Fading Aura: Huh. Good point, Limax. I'll see what I can do about "writing him out". Wink
Fading Aura: Today's (2-6) comic will be late. Should be up between 12 and 1 PM CST. Sorry for the delay.
Limax: Bring back Todd!!!! Tongue
Limax: Whoa... Sarah really let Sarah have it.
Limax: I dunno why... but every time I look at the first panel, I think "Scooby Doo".
Fading Aura: In response to your latest comments, I give you this quick drawing, Limax. Tongue
Limax: Bwa ha ha!!! Grin
Pikhq: It gets two requests done at once!
Limax: You realize that's the first we've seen of Nate in an uber-long time too.
Fading Aura: Late comic today (2-13). It took 5 hours to draw and color . . . hopefully won't take as long to computer edit. Check back around 12 PM CST. Wink
Limax: It was here when I got here. Tongue
Limax: Robnob jumped to the wrong conclusion
Limax: Why does it not surprise me that the 'natives' of this dimension know who the Anonymous Unknown is?
Limax: Hm... so the Anonymous Unknown has a physical form. I wonder if that's just a fancy costume that changes colors.... and maybe A-U is just another 'version' of the Guardian, whom I'm expecting to be another version of Todd.
Limax: Hm. I thought maybe that gloved hand was Unitzoid, but he doesn't wear gloves. It's not CCM or Flashdancer either. Ooooh. This should be interesting, especially given the look on uber-Sarah's face.
Doug: Hm. Was that Enshi?
Limax: I dunno. It does look like someone we've seen before...
Trevotillo: Alter-Enshi? This -is- getting interesting... I had thought this dimension to be Alter-less, though in retrospect that's ridiculous...
Limax: She needs a nutmeg espresso from Fading Aura's coffee shop. That makes all things better.
Limax: Ooooh. Symbolic!
stjen: I was getting used to seeing quotes from the Moody Blues songs on the first picture of a chapter, but I didn't see on on this new Chapter 12.
Fading Aura: The twelfth track, The Voyage, is instrumental, so there won't be a quote nor any dialogue. The number in the lower right corner is the ending time for the comic shown during that track. Wink
Thunderchicken: Jesus Christ
On Toast
Riding a wave of wind
with margarine and jam
for all the kids & kin
Limax: How can it be the ending time when the time's going up instead of down???? And that's Bea's brother Josh, IIRC... isn't it?
Fading Aura: Okay, here's how the time's working - take the comic for the 26th. The time began at 0:00 and ends at 0:50 for that comic. For the next day, the time begins at 0:51 and ends at 1:40. And, no, that's not Josh. Josh was last seen here after arriving safely home.
stjen: Oh, so I have to wait for this whole chapter to be accomplished, then I have to listen to the song while going from strip to strip at the appointed times. eh? (Now, the album is "On the threshold of a dream", so I need to dig up a copy then to get the full effect?)
Limax: D'oh... I was right the first time. That is Todd. I forgot he ended up there after trying to go home through the portal.
Limax: Ooooo.... looks like someone got an arm free...
Limax: Cut to image of Todd smirking... he must have found the nutmeg.
aReader: If that panel was round with a big red button it would remind me of Stargate. Otherwise it would still remind of... Star Trek. Imagination needed, of course. Smile
Limax: It reminds me of a dream I had last week involving a wombat and a monkey.
Fading Aura: Today's (3-9) comic will be up between noon and 1 PM CST. Sorry for the delay.
Limax: Bah... the one time that I check it in the morning.... Tongue
Fading Aura: Hey, I have to maintain my reputation as an "evil cartoonist" somehow. Wink
Limaz: Yeah yeah... we'll think about updating you from 'cranky' some day... Wink
stjen: I wonder why when I try to read this strip at work it's nearly completely black, but it's much easier to see at home. (Something to do with how the contrast and brightness are set?)
Limax: I blame it on the fluorescent lights that I'm forced to sit under at work.
Fading Aura: Same problem here, stjen. Limax's theory may be valid since there are 14 flourescent lights in my office. Tongue
Limax: What happened to #15? :-/
Limax: Hmm... looks like Todd wanted to be caught again... wow. Who thought that no dialogue could be so gripping???
aReader: Skip's having fun I see. XD
Limax: Not only does the chair say otherwise, so does the sleeves.
Limax: BWA HA HA........
Limax: Interesting how Skip's uniform was different in each of these comics.
Limax: Poor Toji... can't get a break. Smile Oh wait... something just did.
Limax: Helllooooo Robnbob...
Fading Aura: Quick questions: Is the comic pixelated and are the colors out of the borders? On my monitor at home they look fine, but, here at work, they look really off.
Fading Aura: And today's (3-22) comic will be up around noon CST. Sorry for the delay, but after an 11+ hour work day, I'm out of my comic groove. Tongue
Limax: I just now got to it (late morning for me), so I didn't notice the delay at all. Tongue (Oh, and Aura? I just came across some stuff you sent me eons ago again... woohoo for spring cleaning!)
Fading Aura: I sent you stuff? Surprise
Limax: They say that the mind is the first thing to go.... Wink
Limax: I should mention that I've seen The Moody Blues in concert before. It was the early 90's and I don't remember much about it. I was pretty drunk.
HiFranc: I hope you're feeling better now.
stjen: I know I've seen the MB in concert at least once, and I believe twice. The first time I happened to be in Vegas and they were performing at Paris. I think (but I'm not sure) that I saw them a second time and they had some replacement members to cover for the oldest members that could no longer tour. Great shows regardless. (Loved them on PBS)
aReader: I think you need a new work monitor. Tongue
Limax: The only thing I remember about the MB concert was the flute solo. They brought the lights down and had a blue light concentrated on the soloist. I wish I could remember more.
Limax: Lauren has a good point there. (Oh, and Aura... you need to update the resistance cast page in order to reflect that we know where both Lauren and Sarah are... just a minor nit. Wink )
Fading Aura: The entire cast page needs an update. I'll get to it when spare time presents itself. So probably either at the end of this storyline or the next. Wink
Limax: Like I said... minor nit. Grin In the meantime, don't be a stranger!
Limax: Huh. I missed the fact that Lauren had yellow eyes... also why is she having such a problem with Toji's name? Didn't she know the Toji from her dimension?
Fading Aura: We never actually saw Lauren with Toji (or Jinei in their world) "on camera" . . . I'll explain Lauren and Jinei's relationship at some point in the future.
Limax: We didn't? I thought he was the betrayer of the resistance. Ergh... now I'm going to have to go back and check that storyline...
Limax: Cool... I visit today on the 1st of April and everything's French.
Fading Aura: Until the issues with Comic Genesis are resolved, please go to the backup website to see the latest comic.
Limax: I thought something was up. Both comicgenesis and keenspot were down for a while last night.
Limax: Something is forked up here... Tongue
HiFranc: Get the comic up when you can and good luck with your other projects.
Limax: Hm. New content/code changes on unitzoid. This should prove interesting...
Limax: What I really want to know is what is Aura doing with that taffy? And is she going to share?
Limax: Uh oh.... no new comic and no explanation. Has Aura been crushed under the weight of the Unitzoid code???? Dizzy
Fading Aura: Yes. Yes I have. Tongue
dirk: Hey, man! Great to see you again in St. Louis. I'll try my best not to be a stranger. =)
Limax: Uh oh... the activities drop, and the spam starts
Fading Aura: Spam deleted and address banned. Grin
Limax: No new strip, but lots of new spam!
Fading Aura: Spam deleted, addresses banned and comic status updated. Why are they spamming now of all times? It's not like I've updated the comic recently. Tongue
Limax: Maybe it was the lack of activity? Wink I'm missing Free Comic Book Day and Webcomics Appreciation Day this year. I'm going to be walking for Cystic Fibrosis in San Francisco in memory of a friend of mine who passed away last Christmas.
Zac Crockett: Hey Dustin,I hope you don't mind but I added a link to your comic on my Opey webcomic (in my favorite links section).

Also, I wanted to thank you for all your extremely helpful advice in the past. Because of you and Brad, I sucessfully set up a webcomic on WebComicNation (it's significantly a lot easier for a web illiterate boob like me to use) and created an on-line profile on DeviantArt. Thanks a billion!

Limax: Aura - Thanks for the wonderful comic! It gave me a good grin after an emotion-filled morning! Grin
Limax: It's funny... that looks like Todd with Scott... but it also resembles someone else I know.... :-/
Limax: Wow... I'm surrounded by spam! Dizzy
stjen: Hey Unit/Aura -- I appreciate you and your comic(s). Keep up the good work, and get back to new strips as soon as you can. Good luck with the new site.
Limax: Scott says exactly what I've been trying to say... but he's much more succinct at it.
Limax: It's been too long and I can't remember... did we finish the last track of On the Threshold of a Dream?
Fading Aura: The last track of On the Threshold of a Dream still needs to be finished. We'll get there eventually . . .
Limax: Got it. Smile Forgive my old brain please.
stjen: So, over on Unitzoid.com it explains that the new launch date is, well, today (Sunday the 13th), and that's why ITE is delayed. Will that be enough?
stjen: Poor Unit -- his aura is fading, and he's been sick as a dog, so it looks like there's another week delay. Hang in there, get better!
Limax: Oh man... hope you get to feeling better! (My wife's been sick too... ugh)
Limax: Robnob looks like he stepped in something.
Fading Aura: How can he do that if he doesn't have legs? Surprise
Limax: Um... that's why I said "Looks like!" Tongue
Fading Aura: Ack! Almost forgot to mention that I have a guest comic over at Tao of Geek!
Limax: I saw through the spam to your message... although since this comic was from the 16th, you may need to update your link. Wink Fortunately, I'm not too lazy so I clicked 'till I found it. Tongue
Fading Aura: I had an update for you guys, but ComicGenesis isn't allowing me to upload it. In short, unitzoid.com is eating up all my free time. Tongue
Limax: Tell us something we don't know. Wink I hope it's going smoother for your, Aura.
Limax: Whoa... Todd's clean-shaven, Sarah doesn't look too happy with him, we finally see Nate again... and I really don't want to know what that is that Scott's holding...
Limax: Three weeks to go! Woohoo!
Limax: Woo! The new Unitzoid web page is up!!!!
thunderchicken: like the unitzoid site but where's the salad dressing reviews ?!?
aReader: Woohoo! Two more weeks to go! Seems like most of the webcomics I follow are down or have their frequencies cut...
Limax: Darnit! aReader stole my thunder! Tongue (And yes... it appears to be reaching epidemic levels)
Limax: Wow.... new content on a Thursday! (Oh wait... that's spam)
Limax: ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!
aReader: Drat. I was too late this time. Tongue
Limax: ONE MORE DAY!!!
Fading Aura: I'll make a news post about this in the morning, but here's the long and short of it: I just got back from a trip to Wisconsin and need to sleep. The comic can wait. Tongue
Limax: Bah! Frown (Oh, and I'm on the backup... comicgenesis is acting wonky again)
Fading Aura: Hence the reason I can't make a news post right now. Geez . . . CG's been up and down a lot these past few weeks. Tongue
Limax: It's up now... but for how long, who knows??? Wink (-1 more days!!!!!)
aReader: It's a conspiracy! Tongue
Limax: And now it's down again... grrf. At least I see a new comic! Woo! Grin
Fading Aura: Criminy on toast. Now the site's up, but the autoupdater won't work. *sigh*
aReader: Wait, what? I don't see anything. I'm not special enough. Waaah!
Limax: Wow! Lookit the wombat! O_O
stjen: I'm having the spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam, and spam.
stjen: But I don't want Any Spam!
Fading Aura: Gah! Spam Removed. Sick
Anyway, there will be an update tomorrow, June 26th, about the state of the comic. I'd finish it up now, but it's late and I have a 13 hour work day tomorrow. Tongue
Limax: Aw man... I missed the spam and I'm just about out of those special pills. Frown
Fading Aura: Gah! ComicGenesis is down again. For a gist of what the update's about, go here.
Limax: 4 More Days!!!!
Limax: 3 More Days!!!
Limax: 2 More Days!!
stjen: Well, I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition doing Spam...
Limax: 1 More Day!
Fading Aura: I would make a Monty Python joke about the spam, but really, I'm starting to get sick of it showing up. Tongue
thunderchicken: holy S*&# the comic is back up! hell has frozen over!!!!
Limax: 0 more days!!!!!! (Oh, and I'm on the backup... comicgenesis is up to its usualy stupid tricks.
HiFranc: Welcome back, comic.
Limax: Poor Aura... she doesn't look like she's into bondage. -_-
Limax: Hm. Did Bea get a haircut?
Limax: @#&$*( Comicgenesis site....
aReader: Yay, back from vacation to find some updates!
aReader: More spam. Not hungry now, just had Mexican. Tongue
Fading Aura: Spam deleted. Blech.
HiFranc: It looks like I was too soon on the Welcome Back... Or was I?
Limax: No... there are some new strips. Just hit the 'back' button above. I think the bondage comic has become Aura's cover page.
aReader: I think a more spam-proof solution is needed here. :|
Limax: Ye Gods. Dizzy I've never seen so much in one message! I really thought that Aura had taken care of this...
Fading Aura: So did I. The spam bots are becoming more clever. I'm adding all the new spammers to the block list, so that will hopefully cut it down a little.
Fading Aura: I'm working on another project at the moment, so there will probably won't be any ITE updates this week. Stay tuned, though, because something will be happening soon. Grin
Limax: Have there been *any* updates this week??? Tongue Also looking forward to what's coming!!!! Grin
Thunderchicken: Oh cool! jesus is in the comic too!!! I feel like singing a hymn.. taste and see..taste and see... the goodness of the lord!!!!
Limax: Really? I thought that was your brother there. Wink
Fading Aura: Guess what? There's a new comic at the backup website: http://ite.unitzoid.com. I'd post it on CG, but FTP isn't working on the new server yet. Tongue
Limax: Wow... lookee here! Also, CG is 'down' again.
Fading Aura: It appears CG re-uploaded all those "ITE will be coming back" images. I'll do what I can to remove those after I get off work. Tongue
Limax: CG.... gotta love 'em...
thunderchicken: yeah, it's my bro.. I'm just giving him crap :-b
Limax: I thought I recognized him. Wink
Limax: And CG is still giving us old stuff. Grar.
Fading Aura: CG is really going through rough times right now. Siteadmin won't let me in to make the changes I need to make, and the site is going up and down at random.
Fading Aura: The archive is now fixed. New comic (or two) on Friday. Grin
Limax: I see one new comic.... Wink
Fading Aura: Yeah . . . didn't have time for a second this week. Frown
Limax: No problem... just keepin' you honest. Tongue
Fading Aura: Good news, everyone! There will be a comic on Monday. ^_^
Limax: Hmm
Fading Aura: Is that a good "hmm" or a bad "hmm"?
Trevotillo: I was under the impression that "Hmm" was inherently neutral...was I misled?
Limax: I'll let you know when I see the next comic or two. Wink
aReader: Hmm
Limax: Ha ha ha ha.... see what happens when you do foolish things like that, Aura??? Wink (Also this explains why we've had no updates. Tongue)
aReader: Ooh, new comic. I wish it would be easier to tell if there was a new one.
Limax: Well, it's nice to know that Aura's kidnapping hasn't had too many adverse effects.
aReader: Will someone rescue Aura from the clutches of evil? We should put out a notice calling all superheroes.
Limax: Cue the Jeopardy theme and get out the spam vacuum!
Limax: Whoa... that was quick.
Fading Aura: This board receives anywhere from 5 to 20 spams a day . . . some are bound to creep through. Tongue
Limax: Like the one right above your post? Wink
Limax: I love diet advice.
Fading Aura: Attention: There will be new comics on Monday, August 27th! That is all. Smile
aReader: Comics. Plural. I like plural.
Limax: Wow.... lookit all the comics! Wow wow wow...
Limax: Gone a week, nothing's changed... Frown
Net: Check here, Limax:Click here? they're back in the archives, ish.
Limax: Yup... saw all those. Now we have new content in the spam department.
Fading Aura: Spam deleted. Geez . . . I go out of town for one day and the spam piles up. Tongue
Net: Aw, but I love spam! It's delicious chopped and fried with eggs! ... .... oooOOOOHHHH, not THAT spam! Ok, carry on then. Tongue
Limax: And all this time we'd been working without a net. Wink
Limax: Whoa. Explosion of comics
Limax: And it looks like no new comics ever. *snif* RIP, Aura...
Aura: Aura isn't completely dead. See here for more information.
stjen: Watches? Watches! We don't need no Steenkin' Watches!
Aura: I couldn't agree more. Geez louise. It seems like there's a spam every day now. Sick
Aura: A spam ended up deleting most of the recent posts to the tagboard today (12-29). I saved what I could and added those posts. Sorry everyone. Frown
Aura: Also, today's update is in the works. It should be up before midnight (I hope!).
Aura: It's Sunday, and I'm still bogged down! ARGH! Working on it . . .
Limax: Portal... man, the only way I can get that is with the orange box... and I can't get that...
stjen: Ok, so you're 40% at Pizza -- is that two pizzas (out of 5), or 40 pizzas (out of 100)?
aReader: Hmm... methinks things would be faster if steps 3 and 6 were dropped, but a change of design and site doesn't hurt either. Tongue
Limax: Hm. So far all that's increased is Portal...
Pikhq: Call me evil, but: surely you should play through the Portal Flash Edition, too (unofficial, at Newgrounds)? Tongue
Fading Aura: Pikhq, only suggest that if you don't want the comic to come back anytime in the next six months. Tongue
Aura: Also, today's update is in the works. It should be up before midnight (I hope!).
Aura: It's Sunday, and I'm still bogged down! ARGH! Working on it . . .
Limax: Portal... man, the only way I can get that is with the orange box... and I can't get that...
stjen: Ok, so you're 40% at Pizza -- is that two pizzas (out of 5), or 40 pizzas (out of 100)?
aReader: Hmm... methinks things would be faster if steps 3 and 6 were dropped, but a change of design and site doesn't hurt either. Tongue
Limax: Hm. So far all that's increased is Portal...
Pikhq: Call me evil, but: surely you should play through the Portal Flash Edition, too (unofficial, at Newgrounds)? Tongue
Fading Aura: Pikhq, only suggest that if you don't want the comic to come back anytime in the next six months. Tongue
stjen: I still want to know what 40% on Pizza means (see below).
Limax: Hm... maybe nothing has moved because Aura can't afford pizza
Fading Aura: Refresh the page, Limax. I've updated the images but not the HTML page itself.
Pikhq: Nice theory. Too bad I'm still seeing 85% on Portal.
Limax: Aha. I see more. This doesn't exempt you from the occasional teasing though, Aura!
ladyfaubdarke: Pleased to have contributed to the pizza meter! Just doing our part to bring the comic back, folks. (Straightens mask and flies away).
Limax: You are a better person than some of the rest of us, lady faub...
Momloocadral: Two blondes were going to Disneyland when they came to a fork in the road. The sign read: "Disneyland Left."
So they went home.
Limax: I see that Portal is finished. Nothing is left to distract our intrepid cartoonist from working on the comic... except maybe lack of pizza...
stjen: Well, Pizza did go up by 2% to 42%. I guess he realizes that he'll need up to 58 more pizzas before he's finished here. (I suppose we'll need to use the "donations" button to help that occur.)
Fading Aura: Someone keeps spamming the tagboard into submission. *sigh* I've recoded the bloody thing for the new website and this should hopefully not happen again.
Pikhq: You seem to have removed one of my posts. 'thanks'.

Also, I see that you've started on scripting. Yay!

Fading Aura: It wasn't intentional, Pikhq. A spam message corrupted the active tagboard log. I restored what I had in backup.
Limax: Snrk... and my comment about complaining got removed. Tongue Oh well... let the pizza speculation continue!
Pikhq: Pizza speculation: does that have anything to do with speculating on stocks?

I can imagine it now: PIZZA is up by 5 points a slice today.

stjen: well, regardless of what it really means, but it's up to 45% -- I'm guessing he's had three more pizzas since last time. Keep at it. (Although, when he reaches 100 -- will he have to go over that number?)
limax: Also, it looks like scripting has moved. It's at 10% now... isn't that higher than it was? (I'm sorry I haven't been diligently keeping track every hour lately)
Fading Aura: Scripting has indeed begun. The first storyline is entitled "Red Herring". Wink
Limax: Oh boy. Does he thrwart young Scooby and the gang? Tongue
Limax: Wah. My wonderful insights are disappearing again! Frown
Fading Aura: Sorry, Limax. Another spam bomb. The new website is almost finished and should be up by Monday so this doesn't happen again. Tongue
Limax: Hmm... website is at 60% and yet it'll be done Monday?? Sounds like someone's not sleeping this weekend. Wink
Fading Aura: Sleep? What's this sleep you speak of? Dizzy
Limax: Hm. Good question. Funny... with the google toolbar add-on, the fields above are yellow... which makes it a bit difficult to see the green on it.
stjen: Hmm. new site layout. interesting, although that moving green bar on the tagboard seems a bit annoying to me (in my opinion). (now to figure out that bottom question to be able to post...)
stjen: cute. if I may suggest something a bit more new-fangled, there's ReCaptcha if you're interested...
aReader: Hmm. Interesting green bar. The new site looks nice.
PaulO: I like the new look. I especially like the progress indicators moving forward Tongue
Pikhq: Wow. I like.
Limax: Hm. Has the pizza percentage dropped?
stjen: No, the pizza percentage has been at 45% for a couple weeks, IIRC. (Maybe it'll go up this weekend.)
Limax: Well, so much for that theory.
Limax: Oooooo! Another Scooby Doo ref in the news!
Limax: I am listening to my own echo, and even it is sounding hollow.
Joe: I just discovered your link to OSS. Thanks! I'll return the favor soon.
stjen: Hmm. The Pizza line hasn't budged from 45%. Obviously Unit hasn't had enough pizza recently.
Limax: In fact nothing has budged recently. I think that Aura got bit by "real life" again.
stjen: "Oh where, oh where can our Unitzoid be? Oh where, oh where has he gone?" (Would it help if we donated a pizza or something?)
Fading Aura: Updates will be posted on Friday.
Hogan: Friday... which week? Tongue
Fading Aura: Good point Hogan. I planned on doing this on May 30th, but I ran out of time to put it together. An update will be up on June 10th after the comic cookout. Promise. Wink
stjen: "promise" -- isn't that a margarine spread that Bill Shatner used to promote?
Limax: Geez... I'm going to miss the cookout again this year. Of course if they didn't always hold it in the midwest, it might be easiler.... Tongue
Pikhq: Define 'update'. New comic? Writing "oh, yeah; I've done something"? TAKING OVER THE WORLD?
Surely, you meant something by that. Tongue
Limax: Okay... the picnic's been over for two days now.... Tongue
Fading Aura: Long recovery from this trip. Update sometime on Wednesday, probably late afternoon CST.
Fading Aura: Criminy on toast. Sometime Friday at this point. Mad
aReader: I wish this had timestamps. This Friday? As in tomorrow?
stjen: Not to complain, but "Friday" as in "Yesterday"? (All your troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they're here to stay...)
Limax: Hey look! It's an update!
stjen: Hey, Pizza went from 45 to 58 -- I guess those extra 13 pizzas helped a lot.
Limax: Scripting is at 50%... is that higher now?
Fading Aura: Scripting hit 50% last week - I have yet to update the meters this week (it's Tuesday). I'm attempting to finish up the character redesigns so I can push that one to 100% before the end of the week. Wink
stjen: Ooooh, Pizza is now at 90% -- Aura must think he only needs ten more pizzas to finish this whole shooting match. Good luck.
Fading Aura: Update on Wednesday now - at that time I'll know if I have enough comics punched out to make the deadline of the upcoming Sunday.
Limax: Egad... scripting is still only at 10%... it's gonna be a lot of drawings without dialogue... Tongue
Fading Aura: Refresh Limax. It should be at 70%.
aReader: *wonders if pizza meter can ever go past 100% or if drawing will use built-up reserves of pizza*
Limax: I will now laugh. Scripting is completely gone from the list. Tongue

Thus, the only two things not at 100% are pizza and drawing. And drawing is still greyed out. It must depend upon pizza reaching 100%... and you missed the 6th. I am bitterly disappointed.

stjen: try refreshing again. I show scripting at 17% (not gray) and launch at 83% -- all the rest are at 100% (although I can't fathom why Pizza is at 100% -- how can he finish the job without more pizza?)
Limax: Okay... scripting is at 100%, pizza is at 90% and drawing is at 17%... and I also see launch at 83%. I'm just wondering if Aura will launch before I go on vacation...
Fading Aura: When do you go on vacation, Limax?
Limax: I will be leaving August 1st. My web presence will be spotty at best for two weeks.
Limax: Hooray!!!! Pizza's at 100%!!!
Fading Aura: July 27th now. Official update after I get one or two more comics under my belt.
limax: *SIGH* Launching on a Sunday... I'll have to make sure I check in...
Fading Aura: Newspost added. Apologies to Limax and everyone else looking forward to an update. Frown
Limax: Wonky connection earlier today, and I see my message got wiped. :-/ Ah well... I'll just have to see it on the 3rd before I have no connection for almost a week.
aReader: It's August 3rd (or 4th, depending on where you live) and it looks like Aura may not make it?
Limax: It's now the 13th of August where I am. Poor Aura... moving is difficult.
stjen: So, according to the calendar above, the last time this strip appeared for real was 24 Sept 2007. That's less than one month away for the one year anniversary. (Should we celebrate it somehow?)
Pikhq: It's now September... Wow.
Waiting for it to have been a year of hiatus?
stjen: Aura / Unit -- Are you there? Hello?
aReader: 8 days till anniversary?
Fading Aura: (Sept. 19th) Sorry - not going to be back in time. There are things going on in real life for the last couple of months that have been either keeping me busy or driving me up the wall. I'll elaborate more once things settle down in a week or so.
aReader: Thanks for the update, Aura. Good luck.
stjen: 1 day till the 1 year anniversary....
stjen: Happy Anniversary Aura / Unit -- it's been one year since you last published the strip. I hope you can soon get your life back together so you can do something like this that you enjoy doing, instead of all fo the things you *have* to do instead. Take care.
aReader: Happy Halloween!
Limax: And now we have Thanksgiving to look forward to... since the days of the dead are over as well......
aReader: Black Friday's coming up...
Limax: Yup... I'm going to wait for Thursday's ads to figure out where I'm going to go... I'll probably hit Target, since I always go there... although I need to find some other places to go as well, I guess.
aReader: I prefer not to camp outside a store (tried once in freezing cold), or even to go out on Friday. Black Friday is my holiday. Tongue Plus, I don't have anything I absolutely *need*, just *want*.
aReader: Happy Turkey Day!
Limax: And now it's almost a month later, and I still have shopping to do...
stjen: Merry Christmas to all! Unit/Aura, hope all is well, and that you come back soon.
stjen: And now -- Happy New Year. Here's a toast to the return of ITE real soon.
Limax: I will second that!
aReader: Thirded.
Hogan: It's back!! Grin
And... is that Zworgue!? O.o
Ti-Phil: Alpha! Give me back Zworgue!
Pikhq: Whoo!