OregonRANDOM: :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(
OregonRANDOM: Guess this webcomic is DEAD ...
OregonRANDOM: Hello
JasonAW3: BTW; With it's attitude, I've got two words for the blue demon thing; Garbage Disposal! (GRIND!)
JasonAW3: Understandable. I myself am working on both a series of SF novels and a board game RPG based upon said series. Moving to Oklahoma has put ALL that on hold.
Fading Aura: Sorry, still no update. Recently moved (again) and trying to get things sorted out.
stjen: Ping!
hkmaly: Still no update?
TuuronTour: Shall I vent a theory? I think the Guardian is an alternate Scott Harbor who discovered the dangers of his own inventions in time and decided to protect the multiverse from his other selves. I can imagine his mind became warped by being forced to kill his other selves who rejected his offer.
Limax: Hello stjen. Some of us still do check in here occasionally.
stjen: Ping!
Hogan: Hey, some things are worth waiting for... updates on this among them, so just you get your act together in your own time Smile
Limax: Boy... I have to say your Parcheesi games are a bit more wild than mine ever were. (Now pinochle was always a different matter....)
Limax: Gah... too many sites to keep track of...
Fading Aura: The blue demon thing (Zworgue) is from the Evil Overlords United. He was picked up by Alpha here. Right now Zworgue's backstory is running at the evil overlord's website.
Limax: How far back into the archives do I need to go to find the blue demon thingy? I only went back as far as the last chapter where Todd escaped from the torture rack he was on.
Limax: Wow... It took me until now to check... gadzooks. Welcome back, Aura!
Fading Aura: I was just waiting for the moment that you weren't looking. Wink
aReader: Sigh. It had to happen. The moment I stop coming here so often... ... anyway welcome back!

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