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The Guide

Below you will find a description, year by year of the events that have transpired in the comic. Please note that this is in no way comprehensive and only covers the overarching plot.

(Note: The below text will utterly destroy whatever surprises and plot twists a new reader may encounter! This is your only warning.)

Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4 | Year 5

Year 1: Allocating Memory

This is Todd.

He started college about four years ago and met two computer geeks, Toji (his roommate) and Skip. While exploring campus, he also met Sarah and ran into a bully named Josh (whom he accidentally smacked in the face - something Todd would later regret). Sarah came to Todd's rescue and later prodded Beatrice, her roommate, to go on a date with him. The result of this date is unknown, but Sarah ended up with feelings for him (more on this later).

Scott showed up soon afterwards. Todd had a sorted history with Scott involving a burning high school gym and a science fair project gone horribly awry. They forged an uneasy trust despite Scott's inventing (and his nuclear engineering major - what's up with all nuclear engineers being nuts, anyway?).

A future version of Scott made a quick visit then to retrieve a future version of Toji. He also imparted the basic premise of time travel to the current version of Scott. This is where normality met science fiction and said, "See ya!"

Lyn came into focus at about this time. She had been watching Todd since he came to college and reported events to her "liege". She gained Scott's trust not long afterwards and began helping him develop a time travel device.

The year came to a close quickly, and Todd's first summer vacation away from college was filled with chores save for retrieving his friends from jail. After attending a live taping of Star Trek: Enterprise, Skip angered Sarah enough to speed and then mouth off to a police officer. Bea was just along for the ride (and will probably not get within ten meters of Star Trek as a result).

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Year 2: Past-Sort

Josh returned the following school year to exact revenge for the previous year's incident (can you say "obsessive"?). Sarah beat him to the punch and warned Todd to watch his back.

Meanwhile, spending a lot of time together was rubbing off on Scott and Lyn. The fewer details included the better.

Things returned somewhat to normal, if not a little more stressful. Toji suggested Todd take a night off from studying and invited Skip along. Skip nearly beat his slap record (and became seriously plastered). Todd found out he could dance. And Toji made sure Skip made it home in one piece.

A little over a year after his future self visited, Scott finished his time travel device. Todd, after being denied its use, stole it to save his late mother in the past. This proved futile as his intervention was the cause of the car accident that took her life. The resulting shock caused Todd to pass out.

When Todd came to, he found himself in another reality known as "dimensia". His past life in this realm was revealed and all the memories that came with it were restored. The reunion with his past self's wife was bittersweet as Todd decided to return to college and live out his life there.

Todd's return was complicated by a loss of speech caused by his adventure. Sarah's decision to start dating only made matters worse. Todd refused on grounds of not being ready for a relationship (especially since he was already technically married).

Due to Todd's time traveling, Lyn was "recalled" by her "liege". Her disappearance deeply hurt Scott, but more than he would have admitted to.

When Toji graduated and began an internship at Ubersoft, Sarah and Bea as well as Scott and Skip decided to rent a duplex. Todd meanwhile elected to drop out of college entirely due to his inability to speak English. Enshi, a friend from his past life, fixed Todd's problem when she stopped by for a visit. Their visit was cut short by Josh who, working for Lyn, attempted to beat up Todd once again. Scott intervened, and Josh went missing soon afterwards (his sister quickly began to miss him dearly).

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Year 3: Resolutions

Enshi, calling herself Alex, asked to stay and moved in with Sarah and Bea. Todd returned to college, moved in with Scott and Skip and finally worked up the nerve to ask Sarah out on a date. All seemed well until Lyn showed up to steal Todd away. Alex and Scott thwarted her attempt which ended up sinking Scott further into his relationship-spurred depression.

Lyn's "liege" was not kind in the least concerning these events. To avoid "termination", she set out with a robotic companion, Robnob, to another dimension.

Toji was wishing he was in another dimension around the time his internship came to an end. He returned to live in the duplex with the other guys and quickly came to regret it. Toji accidentally became Scott's guinea pig in an experiment to turn his time travel device into an interdimensional device. Time traveling into the past resolved the situation ensuring events would unfold as they had. (Isn't time travel terminology fun?)

In an effort to save Bea's brother Josh, Enshi attempted to awaken Todd's past life's memories. This backfired drastically resulting in Todd losing all memories from his past life.

Everyone's lives then returned to semi-normal. The secret of the lava lamp was revealed, apples and oranges were compared and the guys had an opportunity to roleplay with Jim North.

But, as you should know by now, nothing stays stable in this universe for long. During a trip to an amusement park, Sarah and Todd encountered a rapist wielding a knife. Sarah took care of the situation but not before Todd was grievously wounded.

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Year 4: Lost

Sarah, reliving feelings from a past relationship, broke up with Todd. And then everything started going downhill.

Scott finished his interdimensional device and mounted an expedition taking Skip, Alex and inadvertently Todd with him. They encountered a world gripped by Lyn's "liege", The Guardian, and inhabited by alternates of Sarah and Scott running a resistance cell. Our Scott's interdimensional device, now in pieces, forced the formation of an unsteady alliance with the resistance to get our cast home. This proved bad timing as The Guardian decided to invade the resistance with his key operatives, Josh and later Lyn. Only a handful survived the onslaught and dematerialized through a dimensional transporter.

A universe inhabited by Nukees soon greeted Scott and Alex. There were no apparent means of getting home, so Alex (now Enshi) sacrificed her freedom from Xam, a guide from Dimensia, in order to send Scott home. He quickly enlisted the aide of Toji to create another interdimensional device.

Todd, meanwhile, did not fare as well. He ended up under the tutelage of a swords master, Mira, in order to reach a dimensional tear known as "The Gate" guarded by a religious cult, the En'Shar. (Try saying that three times fast.) The path was long and difficult, and his teacher was most certainly either crazy or insane. Once Todd was competent enough not to accidentally cleave himself with the sword Enshi gave him, he and Mira starting walking towards their destination.

Meanwhile meanwhile, Lyn continued her traversals with Robnob. Lyn, after witnessing a tale of reaching but never achieving, decided to seek Scott out and make amends. Robnob reluctantly followed her.

Eventually, Todd and Mira made it to the En'Shar. They found Sarah and Lauren from the first dimension Todd and company encountered, and, all together, decided to storm the room containing The Gate. Unfortunately, Lyn had been waiting and ordered the En'Shar to attack. In the scuffle, Sarah and Lauren made it to The Gate, but Todd was captured and later turned over to The Guardian by Lyn.

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Year 5: Modulus

With the completion of another interdimensional device, Scott began searching for his lost comrades with Sarah. One dimension they visited brought them in contact with the Federated Guild of Superheroes (it's just as corny as you're thinking) who were helping a displaced Lyn and Robnob. They later ran into the alternate Sarah and Lauren, both of whom blamed Lyn for the death of the alternate dimension's Scott. A brief conflict was resolved by Unitzoid and Chamois Cloth Man, and the two pairs of dimensional travelers were kept separate.

Unfortunately, the alternate Sarah and Lauren left a trail The Guardian could follow. He sent Lyn and a number of androids to take care of the resistance once and for all. While engaging the Guild, Lyn discovered Scott and attempted to capture him. The Lyn traveling with Robnob and Unitzoid thwarted this attempt.

(Some clarification: at this point, there are two Lyns. The one traveling with Robnob, the original, and another sent by the Guardian who was responsible for the decimation of the resistance on alternate Sarah's world.)

Neither Lyn (both revealed to be androids) survived the encounter. Scott resolved to repair the original Lyn against Robnob's wishes. With the help of Limax, everyone was returned to their proper dimensions with two exceptions: Lauren, a resistance member who decided to go with Scott, and Robnob, who left to help Scott and company plan Todd's rescue.

However, the Guardian had been keeping an eye on Scott's home dimension and began preparations for their attempt, including contacting a mysterious character he called "Alpha". Will Todd be rescued or will Scott and company fail miserably? Stay tuned to find out . . .

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